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October 3, 2018 / Rabbi Laura

Buy a Vote Blessing Card

Say a blessing.

Help protect the voting rights of others.

Two years ago, I wrote about how I approach voting as a sacred act. I was motivated to write a blessing for Jews to recite as they step into the voting booth or before they seal the envelope on their vote-by-mail ballot.

A blessing for voting

Blessing Card (front)

A blessing for voting copy

Blessing Card (back)


This year, I find myself in the same head-and-heart space, considering the implications of these 2018 mid-term elections will have on our country, our democracy, our families, and our communities. So, I’ve brought back the Blessing for Your Vote.

As a small contribution to the many “get out the vote” campaigns taking place, I have created and produced a limited number of Blessing Cards that are available for purchase.  All proceeds will go to help support non-partisan voting rights advocacy and voter registration organizations.

Please consider purchasing one or more cards for your family and friends, for those who may be voting for the first time or for the 50th time, for your congregants, students, and colleagues.

Each card is printed on 3.5 x 2 inch premium business card stock. Cards may be purchased one-at-a-time, at $1.00 each or in packets of 10, for $8.00.

1 Blessing Card for $1.00



10 Blessing Cards for $8.00



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  1. Marsha Novak / Oct 4 2018 8:59 am

    How beautiful!

    I’ll take 100 of them??? Just kidding.

    How about 2 packs?


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