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January 19, 2020 / Rabbi Laura

Voting is a mitzvah – say a blessing!

Say a blessing.


Help protect the voting rights of others.

The 2020 election season is well under way and folks around the country will be gathering to caucus or heading to the polls very soon.  Voting is a sacred act.  As is customary in Jewish practice, we often sanctify such acts by saying a blessing.

Several years ago I wrote a blessing for Jews to recite as they gather to caucus, as they step into the voting booth, or before they seal the envelope on their vote-by-mail ballot.

In 2018 I turned that blessing into a Blessing Card that I sold for a nominal fee. I sold over 150 cards, 100% the proceeds went to support non-partisan voting rights organizations and voter registration campaigns. 

A blessing for voting

With the 2020 elections carrying weighty implications for our country, our democracy, our families, and our communities, I hope that you will once again exercise your right to vote, say a blessing while doing so, and perhaps even help protect the voting rights of others while doing so.

Please consider purchasing one or more cards for your family and friends, for those who may be voting for the first time or for the 50th time, for your congregants, students, and colleagues.

Each card is printed on 3.5 x 2 inch premium business card stock. Cards may be purchased one-at-a-time, at $1.00 each or in packets of 10, for $8.00.

All proceeds will go to help support non-partisan

voting rights advocacy and voter registration organizations.

25 Blessing Cards for $20.00


10 Blessing Cards for $8.00


1 Blessing Card for $1.00



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    Thanks for sharing. I think my “blessing” would be different!

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