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Ask the Rabbis

I am honored to be a contributor to Moment Magazine‘s “Ask the Rabbis” column. I am happy to share these with you.


Winter 2023: What Jewish Wisdom Would you Offer Today’s Billionaires?


Winter 2022: Is Political Compromise a Jewish Virtue?

Spring 2022: How is Judaism Different after Half a Century of Female Clergy? 

Summer 2022: Does Jewish Law Offer Guidance on How to Fight a War?

November/December 2022: How Would you Counsel a Parent and Child Who are Estranged?


January/February 2021: Do Jewish ethics permit unlimited electronic surveillance?

Spring 2021: Post-Pandemic: What elements of virtual Judaism will we keep?

Summer 2021: Does Absolute Evil Exist, and If So, What Does it Look Like Today?


Winter 2020: Is silence consent?

Spring 2020: What is Anti-Semitism?

Summer 2020: Do people become more Jewish as they get older? 

September/October 2020: Should Jews support reparations for African Americans?

November/December 2020: Do Jews believe in miracles?


January/February 2019: How has Pittsburgh change Jewish life in your community? 

May/June 2019:  Does Jewish law forbid racism?

September/October 2019: Are there things that cannot be forgiven?

November/December 2019: Should dirty money be returned?


January/February 2018: How would you counsel a sexual predator?

March/April 2018: Should Jews at the seder ask God to smite our enemies?

May/June 2018: Has Israel changed Judaism?

July/August 2018: Can a robot be Jewish?

September/October 2018: What sins should we atone for in our use of social media?


January/February 2017: Is it the job of Rabbis to fight intermarriage?

March/April 2017: How do we balance civility with disapproval for other’s politics?

May/June 2017: What should Jews know about the Muslim faith?

July/August 2017: What is the Jewish relationship to time?


January/February 2016 Is there a “Jewish” way to parent?

March/April 2016 Should Jews advocate for their religious choices in conversation with Jews who have chosen differently?

May/June 2016 Are we commanded to vote?


January/February 2015 How do you decide when a candidate for conversion is ready to become Jewish?

Passover 2015 (Special edition) Is it permitted to invite a non-Jew to your seder? (…And is it a good idea?)

July/August 2015 Is whistleblowing a Jewish obligation?

September October 2015 Should rabbis talk to their congregants about BDS?


January/February 2014 In what ways, if any, do science and Judaism conflict?

March/April 2014 What Does Judaism Say About Contraception?

July/August 2014: Should Jews strive to be happy?

September October 2014: Does Judaism have a different sense of sin than other people?

November/December 2014: Are there aspects of Judaism that encourage arrogance—or that help guard against it?


January/February 2013 Does Jewish Anxiety Have a Theological Basis?

March/April 2013 In Counseling End-of-Life Care, What Jewish Principles are Most Valuable?

May/June 2013 What are our Obligations as Jews to the Animals we Use, Live With or Eat?

July/August 2013 Should Jews Be For or Against the Right to Bear Arms?

September/October 2013 Is Judaism Good for Women?

November/December 2013: Are there times a rabbi should express a political opinion from the pulpit?


January/February 2012 What does it mean to be pro-Israel today?

March/April 2012 Are Jews Still Expecting a Messiah?

May/June 2012 Will It Matter to Jews if There is a Mormon President?

July/August 2012 Are we Hard Wired to Believe in God?

September/October 2012 Is Democracy a Jewish Idea?

November/December 2012 What Makes Someone a “Real” Rabbi?


January/February 2011 An Eleventh Commandment, Anyone?

March/April 2011 Should Jews Pay Taxes?

May/June 2011 What advice would you give if your child told you he or she was gay?

July/August 2011 Do Jews Believe in an Afterlife?

September/October 2011 For what sin should our Jewish community atone?

November/December 2011 According to Judaism, are there fundamental human rights?


March/April 2010 What Does Judaism Teach Us About Envy?

May/June 2010  What Does it Mean to Be Jewish Today?

July/August 2010 Is There Such a Thing as Asking Too Many Questions?

September/October 2010 What Does Judaism Say About Love?

November/December 2010 Who is you favorite Biblical Character?

If you have a question you would like to ask me, please submit one here. I’ll do my best to answer it in a timely manner.

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