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July 10, 2021 / Rabbi Laura

Fort Bragg to Willits Road (Hwy 20)

Fort Bragg to Willits Road

The moon played hide and seek with me

as my love navigated the twists and curves bringing us eastward

and the voices of JT, Broza, Freddie and Billy shuffled through the playlist

and Dan popped in singing Or Zarua Latzadik.

She peeked out from among the rolling golden hills, thirsty and parched from the late June heat,

first on my left, then on my right.

Between the majestic oaks and the towering coastal redwoods

her dim light growing ever brighter

as the sky transformed from crystal clear blue to sapphire

and her friend the sun bid adieu behind my back

through the coastline fog.

Her white orb missing just the slightest touch of curvature

as if someone had licked part of her away.

A serene and quiet awe-filled end to a beautiful day with my beloved.

A day of laughter

accompanied by stolen kisses in amongst the redwoods.


  1. Beverly Cohen / Jul 10 2021 11:32 pm

    This is just beautiful.

  2. Sandi Phillips / Jul 15 2021 9:06 am

    Hi Laura–This is exquisite!  I had no idea you are a poet!  Thank you so much for including me on your post all this time.Love to you and Rick,Sandi

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