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May 13, 2012 / Rabbi Laura

A mother’s life lessons for her sons

In honor of Mother’s Day, a colleague asked me to articulate a couple life lessons that I have taught my children. He has collected several statements from other inspiring mothers as well. You can read them at Here is what I sent him. It is not an exhaustive list – rather just a few highlights.
I am a mother of 2 boys, ages 14 & 19. I have tried to teach my boys how to understand a woman’s perspective and be respectful of their female friends and relatives. I suppose many of those lessons have come from my husband as well, who has always been a true gentleman. Though we are all feminists, chivalry is not dead in our household.

I have tried to teach my sons to be strong and stand up for what is right and just in this world. They both speak up for equal and civil rights for all. They speak out against hatred, bigotry, racism and narrow mindedness.
I suppose one the life lessons I am most proud of having taught my boys is the importance of family. We have always made decisions based on what is good for our family and model putting family first. While Harry Chapin is a popular source of our musical enjoyment, our family life does not replicate that portrayed in “Cats in the Cradle.” Whether it is for life cycle events, relatives in need, or simple decisions of daily life, our family comes first.
My boys are growing into loving, sensitive, generous openminded young men. I am very proud to be their mother.

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  1. Frume Sarah / May 14 2012 1:27 pm

    Having spent time at camp with your younger son, I can assure you that the lessons taught at home are reflected in his behaviour away from your watchful eye. He is respectful, kind, and funny. With a genuine sweetness. Good job!!

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