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May 3, 2012 / Rabbi Laura

@MomentMagazine – Ask the Rabbi

A couple of years ago I was invited to be a regular contributor to Moment Magazine‘s Ask the Rabbi Column.  In each issue, a diverse group of rabbis are asked a question which we must answer in 250 words or less.  Questions have ranged from issues related to Jewish observance and theology to current issues and Israel.

I very much enjoy this little writing gig I have every other month.  It allows me to delve quickly and deeply into a timely issue.  I spend a lot of time thinking about the question. Sometimes I poll my friends and colleagues as to how they might answer the question.  I do some research and reading. Ultimately, I find my own voice and articulate my position or opinion.

Moment Magazine reaches a wide and diverse audience. I am proud to be a voice of Reform Judaism for the wider Jewish world.  While there are approximately 1 million Jews in North America who identify as Reform, there are many, many more who may not necessarily identify themselves with the Movement, but do align themselves with Reform ideology, theology and practice.  I hope that my small contributions to the greater Jewish conversations in Moment help its readers find a home in the Jewish community.

The current issue of Moment’s Ask the Rabbi poses the question: “Will it Matter to Jews if there is a Mormon President.”   Take a moment (pun intended) to read my response. I welcome your comments and conversation about it!

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